Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Panagam / Jaggery & Lime Cooler

Ramnavmi is coming on April 1st this year. This is the day when according to hindu mythology Lord Rama was born, on this day special pooja (prayers) are performed across temples and neivedyam of Panagam, kosambari is offered to the lord.

Panagam is made with jaggery, lime and ginger and some other spices are added to it. This also makes a very good cooler for the body.


Water- 4 Cups
Jaggery- 2/3 Cup ( add more or less according to the sweetness )
Juice Of Two Small Limes
Green Cardamom- 4
Dry Ginger Powder- 1/2 tsp
Edible Camphor- A Pinch
Saffron- Around 10 Strands
Nutmeg- A Pinch


Powder cardamom and saffron in a mortar. Dissolve jaggery in water, to this add lime juice, dry ginger powder, camphor, nutmeg and cardamom and saffron powder. Stir till everything dissolves well. Filter using a fine mesh. Offer to god and drink as it is or chill in the refrigerator for some time.


  1. Raji,loved the traditional set up..I can never light a diya loaded wid oil on a kanjeevaram..kudos 2 u...:)

  2. This is my favourite.We called it as PANAK.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice and superb clicks..

  4. che atmosfera meravigliosa in questo post! complimenti! che delizia! :)

  5. Hi Raji,
    This dish is looking so delightful and appetizing and I wud simply love to add it to my meals. A very well made post with beautiful pictures. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!

  6. wow gr8 post raji,lovely clicks...

  7. Thank you for sharing, Panagam sounds so lovely:-) I have never had green cardamom, but it sounds amazing....well anything cardamom is wonderful:-) Hugs, Terra

  8. Beautifully presented and refreshing.

  9. semma photos Raji! :D Looks really really wonderful!

  10. This looks great. How is the taste of Camphor? Never tried to use it..

    1. Hi Michaela,

      Edible camphor should be used in very little quantity in any dish, it will impart a slight aroma but as the quantity used is very less, it's taste cannot be defined. Always remember to use just a pinch in any dish as more of it may result in bitterness. Edible camphor is mostly used in Indian sweets like laddoo and kheer.


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