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Green Peas Kheer And An Ode To All Mothers

" Most of all other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world "
Kate Douglas Wiggin

On mother's day we all remember our mother who has been selfless, compassionate and our best pal...with whom we can share everything and always lean on. I came across this article in Chicken Soup for women's soul and wanted to share it with all you wonderful mothers.

Help Wanted- The Ideal Mother

A job description for the kind of mother who would be an ideal mother for a baby might read like-

Wanted- Easygoing, relaxed, loving type to care for infant. Should enjoy rocking, cuddling, be able to hold baby patiently for 20 minutes feeding every three to four hours without fidgeting. Light sleeper, early riser. No degree necessary. Must take all shifts, seven day week. No vacation unless can arrange own mother as temporary substitute. No opportunity to advance.

A year and half later job description would read like-

Wanted- Athlete in top condition to safeguard tireless toddler. Needs quick reflexes, boundless energy, infinite patience. Knowledge of first aid essential. Must be able to drive, cook, phone, work despite constant distractions. Workday 15 hours. No coffee or lunch breaks unless child naps. Would consider paediatric nurse with Olympic background.

In another 18 months same mother should be able to meet these qualifications-

Position open- Expert in early childhood education to provide stimulating, loving, creative, individualized learning environment for preschooler. Should have experience in art, music, recreation, be able to speak one foreign language. Training in Linguistics, psychology and Montessori desirable. Two hours off five days a week and when nursery school is in session and child is well.

Between 6-12 years these qualifications has to be met-

Good Opportunity- For expert in recreation, camping, Indian arts, all sports. Should be able to referee. Must be willing to be den mother, room mother, block mother. Public relation skills essential. Should be able to deal effectively with teachers, PTA officers, other parents. Knowledge of sex education, new math required. Must have no objections to mud, insect collections, pets, neighbour's kids.

For 13-14 these requirements must be met-

Job Available- For specialist in adolescent psychology, with experience in large quantity cooking. Tolerance is chief requirement. Slight hearing loss helpful or must provide own ear plugs. Must be unflappable. Should be able to sense when presence is embarrassing to child and disappear.

After 18 years as a working mother, a woman is qualified for only one more job-

Urgently Needed- Financier to provide money, clothes, music, wheel to collegian. No advice necessary. Position may last indefinitely. Ample time left to take income- producing work.

So to my mom and all the mother's out there wishing a very Happy Mother's Day. We are perfect candidates for all the positions mentioned above...enjoy the day and treat yourself for we all are special.

Sharing today a sweet kheer made with green peas..unique and special .


Green Peas- 1/2 Cup (I used frozen)
Whole Milk- 3 Cup
Sugar- 1/4 Cup
Ghee- 2 tbsp
Cardamom Powder- 1/4 tsp
Cashew nuts- Roasted For Garnishing


Boil the green peas till soft. Drain and cool. Once cool grind the peas in mixie fine and keep aside.
In one vessel keep the milk for boiling. Reduce till the milk thickens a bit. In another pan heat ghee and roast the ground green peas till raw smell reduces. Add in the thickened milk and add sugar. Stir and boil for sometime. Add in sugar and keep stirring till the kheer thickens a bit. No need to boil the kheer for long as the kheer will thicken once cool. Switch off the gas and add cardamom powder. Add in cashew nuts. Serve either hot or cool..both ways it tastes great.

Sending this kheer to MLLA# 35 brainchild of Susan and hosted by kannada Cuisine


  1. Wow..lovely kheer...never had this...looks yummy..wonderful clicks..loved it :) i liked the job description of an ideal mother too :)

  2. Gorgeous kheer.Loved reading your post.

  3. wow.. i am drooling here.looks so good..

  4. wow.. i am drooling here.looks so good..

  5. Hi Raji,

    Thanks a lot for your entry. The Kheer looks awesome! and what a tribute to all mothers out there :)

    Thanks again,
    Smitha @ kannadacuisine

  6. Wonderful job it.kheer looks absolute yum.......

  7. Raji great job man...interesting things to know...thanx for sharing...cumin to the kheer with peas...very new to me n never thought to do ...innovative n brilliant idea... I love peas more will soon try this n tell u....happy mothers day n njoy momming:)

  8. kheer with peas .. that is creative !!! Happy Mothers day to you :)

  9. Lip Smacking and relishing one...

  10. love the vibrant color..innovative n healthy recipe..happy mothers day to you dear..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  11. Delicious Kheer,Happy Mother's day to u...

  12. Hi Raji, The kheer is looking absolutely delightful. Loved the new combo of ingredients and the recipe is so nicely made and presented. Saving this recipe of urs and wud love to give ur version a try on the coming weekend. Happy mothers day to you too. Have a great weekend….Sonia !!!

  13. Happy Mothers Day to you Raji. What a lovely write up. Enjoyed it thoroughly and agree 100 % with you. This green peas kheer looks fantastic and indeed a very unique and innovative one.

  14. Nice post, green peas kheer is new idea. Looks delicious.

  15. Thanks for sharing the article on Ideal Mother.

    Happy Mother's day to you.

    Kheer looks very inviting.

  16. The Kheer looks simply gorgeous! And I'm kinda getting scared reading abt the skills needed for moms with children in different age-groups. My son is just 4 and the future looks really tough for a mom (gulp!)

    Happy Mother's Day :)

  17. What an Amazing write up Raji. Loved the green hue of the kheer. Slurrp...Happy mother's day to you.

  18. Totally agree with u, wat a wonderful write up...

    Green peas kheer looks stunning,creamy and totally irresistible..

  19. its new to me..kheer is looking that color..

  20. Yummy click and healthy recipe. Happy mothers day to you!

  21. A unique recipe ... beautiful color!
    Happy Mother's day to you!

  22. Happy Mothers Day! loved reading your post dear..
    Love this kheer so much,tasted this once at a friends potluck,this looks absolutely tempting.

  23. Great post about moms! Happy Mother's Day to you and all! This kheer looks really tasty!

  24. very new and interesting recipe with nice bright clicks

  25. What a cute post!! And that kheer...mmmmm!

  26. I have never made something like this.Very unique recipe.Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

  27. haven't had kheer with green peas
    looks delicious happy mother's day

  28. Happy Mothers day to you :)

    Relishing Kheer:)

  29. Happy Mother's Day! The kheer looks awesome and tempting! Just yummy!

  30. you are so spot on!! i reckon the hardest job in the whole world is being a mum. her job really NEVER ends! and her influence is massive!
    happy mothers day raji :) the pea is looks so refreshing (and cute too for some reasons!)

  31. Peas kheer! Looks and sounds exciting. Lovely color and must be very delicious I suppose.

  32. Tears stream from my eyes as I read this wonderful post! Feel proud to be part of this clan who has to morph into so many different people to suit each growth stage of my children- God Bless all Mothers -I know I had the best one too :)
    A BIG hug to you for posting this and the peas keer is totally awesome -

  33. The sweetest Mother's day post ever- so touching n well written! Happy Mother's day to you dear.Loved reading it.. The peas kheer is definitely something new to me - I loved the gorgeous green color very much :)
    US Masala

  34. Wow Raji, loved ur description of jobs,simply awesome.
    Kheer is looking very delicious and definitely a new thing for me to learn.Good job girl.....keep rocking!!!

  35. Thanks a lot folks for liking the post and the kheer as well..Hope you all had a rocking mother's day.

    @Sarah daughter is just going to be 5 so welcome aboard..we are in the same boat..future is waiting for us..lets see what all we have to face :)

    @Vivienne So true Viv..being a mom is the toughest job in the whole world and I am proud for having the most satisfying job.

    @ Priya.M Thanks for so touching comment are yourself a proud and busy mom of 3 and still take out time to post wonderful recipes and leave wonderful hats off to you.

    @ Anchal..thanks dear...xoxo

  36. A lovely write up. Enjoyed reading it and the peas kheer look so stunning.

  37. Your peas kheer is tempting me! Thanks also for sharing that funny article, I enjoyed reading my job descriptions up to years 13-14 and I can see there's a lot to look forward to. I think ;-).

  38. Very nice and innovative recipe. Looks delicious and yummy. Wonderful presentation.

  39. Your Mothers Day post was stunning..
    Grean Peas Kheer is delicious..

  40. wow its absolutely deightful, never heard of it, but green peas kheer !! looks fantastic.
    will try it

    hosting event: summer coolers

  41. Aww..such a lovely post and very well written...enjoyed reading it..
    Peas kheer is something new to me but it looks great and the beautiful green color..

  42. lovely clicks and using peas in kheer is a new idea ........

  43. Lovely post, but I must say that sometimes I use to sit for well more than 20 minutes feeding!! hahaha!

    I also love the soup and the photos!


  44. Mindblowing!! how did I miss this!! It looks so delicious .

  45. Loved loved loved the ode. had to share it. Thanks Raji

  46. This is such a fantastic post and I hope that both you and your mother has a most beautiful Mother's Day! And such a lovely creamy dish...fantastic!

  47. raji i came across this post while going through the round up of MLLA ! kudos girl- such a lovely post ! moved & totally rocking ode ! as for the khher -gal if looks could kill, this one sure hits the spot !!


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